Way of Life Christian Church


Pastors Fred and Helen have a heart to teach.  Many programs are offered  to deepen our members walk in faith.

Sunday Services

Come join us to praise God each Sunday! Worship starts at 1:00pm - 33015 W. Seven Mile Road, Livonia, MI

Apply the Good News

to your daily life.

Sunday School

Our children have their own special programs following morning worship.

Let Pastors Fred and Helen help you grow.

It is the vision of Pastors Fred and Helen Canty to endeavor to build the lives of the people of God.  They are called to minister to all races, cultures, and nationalities in sharing the gospel. They pray consistently for family salvation, healing and deliverance, desiring to see restoration in both the family and community.

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We welcome you and your family to join us every Sunday at 1:00pm - 33015 W. Seven Mile Road, Livonia, MI  (Sharing building with Open Arms Church - just east of Farmington Road)

A church that builds people up through the Word of God.


We are a church firmly rooted in prayer. Intercessory prayer is held Sunday at 12:30pm